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Putting your employees’ health first

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Maxicare Corporate

Putting your employees’ health first

Superior quality of healthcare services and a lifetime of excellence guarantee your employees nothing but the best

Why Choose Maxicare Corporate

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Comprehensive healthcare

All plans were crafted for maximum employee benefit

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Variety & choice

A wide variety of plans to choose from, each catered to a specific employee need

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Meaningful consultations

Clients can consult with Maxicare experts on the plans best suitable
for their businesses

Plan Types

Choose a plan below and customize it to fit your company’s needs

Comprehensive care

Full HMO Program

A comprehensive healthcare package subject to certain exclusions, limitations and conditions. This may be serviced via the Full Risk (premium-based) program or through the Administrative Services Only program (Third Party Program)

Hospitalization care

Inpatient (IP) Unbundled

Consists of the standard IP benefits under the Full HMO Program plus Outpatient (OP) surgery, OP radiotherapy, OP chemotherapy, OP dialysis, preventive care and emergency treatment that may or may not lead to confinement

Consultations and Lab

Outpatient (OP) Unbundled

Consists of the standard OP benefits under the Full HMO Program including preventive and OP emergency cases (OP benefits under Unbundled IP not included)



Payment of membership fees is required and computed on a per account basis and on the company demographics with a defined set of benefits

Customized care

Full Risk Co-Pay Program

Client can pre-determine a specialized set of benefits and their members would have the option to pay a fixed percentage or a fixed amount as part of their total availment cost

Customized care

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

A third party administration program wherein a client can set up and maintain a revolving fund from which the availment cost will be drawn out

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